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By Anika / 24th December 2016

Hero alom

Hero Alom, also known as dish Alom,  is a prominent comedian in Bangladesh became very popular in social media with his own made music videos. A man with dreams from a underprivileged society recently succeeded to attract attention from Indian media. A lot of people from india currently searching in google who is hero Alom? For about last two weeks, I saw few posts about here Alom in some facebook page operated from india, they are trolling hero Alom, posting funny memes about him, the big mistake they are making as they are comparing him with some of top level Indian artists. To make fun they can do it, but some indians started to believe that this hero Alom is a big star in Bangladesh and they are also criticizing general interest how this low level almost illiterate became sensation in Bangladesh! Let me clear something, hero alom is not someone who is representing Bangladesh or Bangladeshi media, even he is not involved with media.
Hero alom bogra

We know who is Alom, personally I like him, do you want to know why? For his stupidity, because stupids are the bravest in world. We Bangladeshi know about his struggle and how he came up and became star. But for indian readers I am writing shortly about Alom, so if you are interested to know Who is Hero Alom, you will get some idea. The full name of Hero Alom is Ashraful Alam. He borned in a poor family in Bogra so his parents left him to another family. But that family was poor too. So he could not continue his studies very far. At very early age he had to start a small business and started to hawker junk foods from village to village. After making some money with that hawker business he decided to move on to some bigger business, and this time he began CD business, it was a popular business when fast internet was not available throughout the country. That business was going very well and then he started to dream to become a star more specifically hero. But he is not someone who has heroic look and he did not knew anyone or he had not enough money. After few years when internet became available and cable TV became very popular his CD renting business start to collapse slowly and he decided to move on to cable business. This time he got huge success, He is still making almost 70K each month from that cable business, what is handsome amount if you live in a village in Bangladesh. By this time he got married and also got children. But he decided to give a try to make his dreams come true. So he hired some local technician with almost no knowledge of making professional video and some local artist who are actually stage performer. So when he started to make videos he also started to broadcast in his cable tv channel. Within few days he became popular in his area, but people took it as fun. He also made several dramas. He also contested in local government election 3 times but failed each and every time. He was making video on regular basis, and soon it hit the number of 500. He was successful almost every step (except the election) and he found some new potential. He got to know about internet,  Facebook and youtube. He decided to go for nation fame. He made an account in social media facebook and uploaded few videos of him. Some people found this very funny and they were sharing this with other people, they posting videos with negative comments. Negative something is not always bad thing. So within few days his videos become viral and he became social media sensation. Some cheap youtuber who were making videos but failed to attract attention they found this as a big opportunity to become famous. So they were casting hero alom in their video. Hero alom got more attention by this and after a while some people from media invited him and interviewd him. I was also making fun of him, but when I heard his struggle in life I felt sorry. That man is not real hero, but dreamed to be hero, he was wroking hard and got success. And he did not hide anything about him in those interviews. So I started to like him for his honesty. Yes still I like him, just because he is a roll model for me, he showed me how to achive goal, even if you do not have everything, stop complaining and do your work. Media persons including some stars they started to take selfie after he became very well known person. Our cricket start Mushfiqur Rahim took selfie also with hero alom, and when he posted it from his account hero alom got max fame and after that everything is history. If you want me describe hero alom, he is indrustias, honest and also stupid at the same time. He is making videos still, now he got chance in few commercial and drama. But he is not someone reprensting the media. He has no skill of acting, that makes him funny to others, When I watch his videos I just enjoy it, I do not expect I will find somethong exceptinaol, or may I will lear something from it. The main purpose is entertainment. Hero alom is a successful entertainer. No doubt, if he continues like this he will improve and one thing I would like to reveal at this stage, I have been watching some south indian movies ( I do not watch much indian movies, my friend recommend me to watch some, for pure entertainment purpose) Hero Aloms actings and cheap music videos are far better than those funny meaningless south indian movies.

Watch a music video of hero alom

Watch a short flim made by some youtuber gruop what became popular, may be this one is the most popular video.

Hero Alom in a TV commercial:

interview of hero Alom:

Hope You get enough ideas about hero alom, he wanted to become hero and He is hero in his own world, I salute his hardwork, I like his way of working, but I am not fan of acting. If you would like to know more about hero alom, just post comment below, I will be more than happy to answer.

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