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The Best Wireless Keyboards and Mouse 2018 Reviews

By Anika / 23rd November 2017

When it comes to processing power and ease of use, the desktop PC is unrivaled by its extraordinary capabilities, but these strengths come with a substantial amount of cables and wires. Pet owners and people who like to keep things organized know well the frustrations of having cables hanging: animals chew them and vacuums or even a mangled toe. All this mess will have people under their desks trying to get back to connect everything again.

Wireless entry tools alleviate the stress of cable management and provide desktop configurations with the professional appearance they deserve. This guide will detail which combinations of keyboard and mouse are the best options to make the change.

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Our Critics

Logitech Wireless Combo MK270  – Best Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse 2018

The MK270 generally matches the capabilities of regular cable keyboards, with the added advantage of being completely and efficiently wireless. It comes with a handful of additional convenience features, but is still grounded and hassle-free for people who just want a basic design to work with. With good posture and technique, both the keyboard and the mouse are comfortable to use, but users of heavy computers should look elsewhere.


  • Easy installation
  • Fast and accurate interface
  • Decent battery life


  • It is not ergonomic
  • Some additional functions

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Logitech MK710 Wireless Desktop – Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 2018 for Money

The MK710 is incredibly versatile for the price and makes use of several innovative technologies to provide a comfortable and efficient interface. Its wide range of additional keys and buttons make the most of the size of the keyboard and mouse. The MK710 mouse and keyboard assembly encapsulates all the positive features of most media-oriented devices, and its ergonomic design is comfortable for long periods of use.


  • Various functions
  • Wrist padding
  • Well-designed mouse


  • It takes a lot of space
  • The modifier keys are numerous and scattered, creating a learning curve


Logitech Wireless Performance Combo MX800 – Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 2018 in General

The MX800 combines comfort, functionality and simplistic design for a mouse and keyboard that are familiar but incredibly versatile. The keyboard is easy to pick up and comes packed with useful features that speed up productivity and quickly become a natural part of writing. Its laser-engraved keys have a fantastic tactile response, making every keystroke feel precise and precise.

The set mouse is one of the most ergonomic available. Its size and shape seem alien at first, but it is very comfortable to navigate with. The additional programmable buttons are a welcome addition that allows users to increase their productive efficiency or recreational enjoyment in the exact way they want.


  • Compact and effective design
  • Backlit keys
  • Virtually without sound


  • Requires loading
  • Learn more


The Best  Wireless Keyboards and Mouse 2018


Better in Generallogitech-wireless-performance-combo-mx800
Better For Moneylogitech-mk710-wireless-desktop-2
Best Cheaplogitech-wireless-combo-mk270

What is a wireless keyboard and mouse?

Keyboards and mice come in several different shapes and sizes with numerous additional functions aimed at improving productivity. Although not always distinguished by specific denotations, the nature of a set can be determined by the characteristics it includes.

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All primary computer keyboards have a full alphabet and set number along with commonly used symbols and characters, and PC mice will have two clickers and a scroll wheel. The additional modifier keys and buttons, along with the overall design, can qualify a set as:

  • Media Oriented: Keyboards usually have modifier keys that activate music and video players, control volume and access email by pressing a button.
  • Ergonomic: Ergonomic keyboard and mouse games are designed for comfort and reduce the risk of injury associated with long periods of use.

What are the advantages of having a wireless keyboard and a combined mouse?

The wireless devices eliminate the need for cables untidy and allow a more comfortable computing. Once the devices are connected, keyboards and mice can be easily moved so that people can write from their laps, their desks or any other imaginable place they deem appropriate.

Updating interface tools have additional advantages for convenience and usability. More buttons and better designs allow people to control their computers without having to go through several windows or develop carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition associated with repetitive and unnatural movements.

Considerations to choose the best wireless mouse and keyboard set 2018

Keyboards and mice are best valued for their functionality. Many keyboards come loaded with a plethora of keys and additional features, but it is less common to organize them in a way that is natural and easy for users to remember. A good keyboard will be comfortable and easy to use without having to adjust or look down often to find the modifier keys. Mice are generally judged by their shape and comfort, but the more ambitious designs can be ergonomic and multifunctional.

Easy to use

Flat keyboards with no human physiology in mind pose a serious risk to the health of the people who use them. Ergonomic keyboards can be larger and wider, but the overall benefit more than offsets the initial cost. Comfortable keyboards and mouses are easier to work with and less likely to cause repetitive strain injuries.

Modification keys and buttons

Keyboards tend to include additional keys for convenience. Depending on the type of person who uses them, some may be more necessary than others, but it is generally worth looking. Additional mouse buttons are not as common, but combined with ergonomic designs can have a direct effect on overall productivity.


All the modifier keys in the world mean nothing if they are not placed somewhere more convenient to reach than simply performing commands through the mouse input. Smart designs make it easy for users to juggle and program on the fly.

Battery duration

Running unexpectedly can be a full-blown killer in the middle of a chain of thought. Wireless input devices with longer than average battery life and effective indicators are less likely to create unfavorable obstructions without warning.


Updating a mouse and keyboard to a wireless suite has immediate organizational benefits along with additional benefits in convenience and functionality. As the main means of communication with computers, having a good set of input devices allows people to make the most of their time, whether for work or entertainment. The MK270 offers an affordable option for pure utility, the MK710 a wide range of media control options, and the MX800 the best of both centers with extra extras at the top.

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