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Best Slim fit board reviews 2017- 2018 / Simply Fit Board Review 2017-2018

The best slim fit board or Simply Fit Board Review 2017 – 2018
Slim Fit board

The Simply Fit Board or slim fit board was introduced on ABC’s popular show, Shark Tank on November 6, 2015. Mother-daughter team, Linda Clark, and Gloria Hoffman, introduced the Simply Fit balance board to the “Shark” panelists. Gloria is a fitness expert who saw the potential for a unique balance board, the slim fit board. Shark Tank debuted in 2009. The American reality program enlists a panel of business developers and investors to determine whether to invest in the products that are presented. Lori Greiner, “the Queen of QVC” opted to help Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman develop and market their product. Lori Greiner saw promise in the slim fit board and opted to invest $125,000 for a 25% stake in the company. Her investment in the Simply Fit Board was a smart move. The Simply Fit Board has proven to be one of Shark Tank’s most popular products. The Simply Fit Board is proving to be more than an exercise passing fad. Exercising with the slim fit board is fun and effective.

What is the Simply Fit Board or Slim fit board in 2018

The Simply Fit Board or Slim Fit Board is an exercise device that uses balance and twisting to strengthen the core and legs. Balance boards are popular, but the Slim Fit Board seems to be more popular than other brands. The device is made of a special plastic and a unique design for a strengthening and toning effective exercise device. It can be used with training DVDs or with a series of YouTube instruction videos. The board is 26 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 3/4 inches deep. The board weighs 3 pounds and can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. The board has a non-slip gripping. It can be used on carpet or a tightly woven rug. The slim fit board can also be used on a mat. The Slim Fit Board comes in refreshing, bright colors including blue, green, magenta and orange. It is a great exercise device for people of all ages.

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How to use the Simply Fit Board

slim fit board review and exercise

The Simply Fit Board uses the balance to strengthen the body’s core, reduce fat, and tone muscles. It is a great device for strengthening and toning abs, butt and thigh muscles. It can also be used to effectively improve balance and posture as well as to strengthen the body to prevent or rehabilitate injuries. When used properly, the slim fit board proves to be an effective and efficient way to workout. The slim fit board comes with a user guide and workout DVD. An accessory package can be purchased as well. This includes a 25.5 x 18-inch workout mat and a DVD on core and buns toning. Other Simply Fit Board workout DVDs are also available. These include “Low Impact Workout” and “The 21 Day Challenge Workout”. There is also a series of YouTube videos that can be followed for further workouts. These are just 10 minutes long and can be very efficient and effective. Some are geared specifically toward age for children and for adults. To use the slim fit board, it is best to start out slowly to get the hang of it. If you lean forward or to the side, your body weight will be shifted making it more difficult to balance. Re-center your body by tilting the board back slightly. Keep your head up and your back straight. It may be easier to hold on to a chair or table, in the beginning, to help you remain centered on the board. This will stabilize your muscles and make balancing easier. To effectively maintain balance, stand on the board and rock your ankles back and forth and from side to side. This will not only help keep your balance, but it will help improve your core and strengthen your legs. Twist at your waist, keeping your legs and knees stable. Keep your core and your abs tight as you twist your waist. To maximize your workout, hold 3 to 5-pound weights in your hands.

Benefits of the Simply Slim Fit Board

There are many benefits to using a balance board for exercise. The Simply Fit Board is well designed and has numerous exercise and fitness benefits. The board is effective when rocking back and forth as well as twisting at the waist. Benefits of the Simply Fit Board include rehabilitating injuries such as ankle injuries and reducing the likelihood of further injury, strengthening muscles (abdomen, buttocks, and thighs), conditioning the body, and improving stability and posture. The overall benefit of the slim fit board is that it will help improve balance and strengthen your core.

The 21 Day Challenge

Simply Fit Board is making exercise fun. The 21 Day Challenge was launched in January 2017 and is meant to encourage fitness and reach New Years Resolution goals with confidence. The Challenge includes a healthy meal suggestion plan. It also contains 21 different 30-minute workouts for use with the Simply Fit Board. Just exercising 30 minutes a day and eating healthier is guaranteed to kick start your exercise program. The challenge requires signing up through the Simply Fit website. This is a great way to get support in the exercise community and a great way to reach your fitness goals without going it alone. The 21 Day Challenge also provides advice from a professional trainer, Rosalie Brown. Each week of the Challenge, Simply Fit Board users get the chance to win prizes like a Simply Fit exercise mat, T-shirts, water bottles, and other fitness apparel and accessories. The Grand Prize is an online exercise session with Rosalie Brown. The Simply Fit Board 21 Day Challenge is a great way to begin the year and help you to follow a regular exercise program. The community support is a great help as well.

YouTube Videos Can You To Learn More about Slim Fit Board

Simply Fit has many complimentary YouTube videos to help you with your exercise program. Creator, Gloria Hoffman, explains how to get started using the Simply Fit Board. A weekly “Push Day” workout plan guides you on mixing up Simply Fit Board exercises to help you get the most out of your workout. The videos demonstrate various ways to use the slim fit board for the best results. These include planks, arm exercises, and even football drills. The Simply Fit Board can be used for fun and effective exercise in a variety of ways for any age.



Consumers have mostly given positive Simply Fit Board reviews. The Shark Tank product has caught on and appears to be much more than just a fad. Users of the Simply Fit balance board overwhelmingly report that the exercise device offers a good workout that is efficient and effective. Using the slim fit board uses many muscles at one time including the core, abdomen, buttocks and leg muscles. Adding hand weights helps increase the effects of exercising on a slim fit board. The Slim Fit Board is affordable and refreshing. Compared with other exercise devices, the Simply Fit Board is a small investment with many benefits. The slim fit board offers a lifetime of fitness. The Simply Fit balance board makes exercise fun. It can be used anywhere. For a quick ten minute workout, while watching television, the device comes in handy. With refreshing colors and dance like moves, the slim fit board will not become boring to use as some other, more expensive exercise equipment can. The Simply Fit Board is portable. At just 3 pounds and 2 feet long, the board is lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you travel for work or just want to take the device with you on vacation, the Simply Fit balance board can easily go wherever you go. The slim fit board does not take up much space, so it is easy to store when not in use.



Like any product, there have been some poor Simply Fit Board reviews. However, these seem to be caused by not using the device correctly. There is a learning curve to using the Simply Fit Board. Balancing can take some time to master. It is best to start out slowly until your body gets the hang of balancing on the board as you twist your body. Shifting your weight can cause your body to lose balance. It is important to remember to keep your body stable. This is also why the slim fit board is so effective because, when used properly, you engage your body core which strengthens and tones the muscles throughout your body. Some complaints have been posted that the board wears easily. Some users have complained that the slim fit board cracks. This seems to be only in rare cases. For the most part, the Simply Fit Board should be able to last for a long time. Some critics have complained about the price in Slim Fit Board reviews, but compared with other balance boards and exercise devices, the Simply Fit Board is quite affordable. It is a small investment for a lifetime of exercise.

Final thoughts

The Simply Fit Board is one of the most successful Shark Tank products. It takes the basic concept of a balance and core workout and makes exercise fun. Working out on the slim fit board is certain to strengthen core muscles and tone abdomen, buttocks and leg muscles. Using this product will help you lose weight, look good and feel great. The Slim Fit Board is easy to use and can be used just about anywhere. It is lightweight and portable. It is small enough to store easily and to take with you when you travel. The Simply Fit balance board engages the core muscles to make you stronger. Hand weights can be used when exercising for even more health benefits. The Simply Fit Board helps strengthen muscles to rehabilitate injuries and to prevent further injuries from occurring. The Simply Fit Board is a great exercise device that will keep you in shape.

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