How to jump start a car in 2018 / How to Push start your Car

By Anika / 10th February 2017
Jump start a Car

Jump start a Car

In cold mid-winter, we all face a common problem, the in extreme weather the battery of car drain very fast. But the winter is not only the problem, if you forget to turn off the light accidentally, you have to suffer later. If your car does not start normally, you might start it with a jump start. So you need to know how to jump start a car properly. So in this post, I will show all the steps how to jump a car and things to consider when doing it. If your car does not start, you can jump your car in two different way. Those who are driving or own a car already for a long time they are familiar with these two systems. So if you know you are having the problem with something else, please visit your nearest garage. But if you are totally new and have very little experience and not sure what is the wrong try these two ways. So we will discuss how to start a car with a push and how to jump start a car.

How to Push Start a Car

If the battery of your car is empty, it might start with a push. You need two or three helpers, if necessary, may be more if you have a bigger car.

Prerequisites for the car

  • The car should be gasoline. Diesel driving car might not work in this way, especially in winter.
  • The pushing can only be done with a manual gearbox. You need other start-up assistance in automatic mode.
  • Try the pushing only if no start-up assistance is possible.

The pushing of a diesel driving car is difficult because the diesel can not pre-anneal without battery.

Push the car correctly

  1. First look for the helpers to push the car.
  2. Put a person in the car. Check that person has the drivers license and driving experience is necessary.
  3. Open the window to talk with the sliders.
  4. Ignition on (do not start).
  5. Insert the second gear. (2nd or 3rd gear is good, but if the driver is experienced 1st gear will give the best result, but if you pick a great speed with pushing 2nd gear is the best option)
  6. Push the Clutch.
  7. Driver in the car gives the command to push.
  8. As soon as a speed of about 10km/h is reached, slowly lift the clutch.
  9. While the clutch is releasing, give some gas.
  10. The pushers continue to slide. The swing should bring the engine to spark.
  11. Then run the engine!
  12. Now you can start driving.

Tip: To charge the battery, it is recommended to drive a few kilometers on the highway. After a short journey you will have the start-up problem again.

Safety when pushing

Pay attention to safety.

  • Make sure you are clear with the steering. Without a running engine, many steering systems are very difficult to move.
  • On busy streets, you have to put some sign to warn others.
  • Do not forget to put on the warning lights.

Find the cause of the weak battery. It may be sufficient to charge the battery completely, but it may need to be replaced. Your workshop will help you.

Jumpstart a Car with cable
Jump start a car with cable

You can Start your car also with cable if the battery is empty, this system is called bridging. For this you need a second car with active working battery.

But for this method, you have to know few things exactly. Otherwise, it is very dangerous for you and your car. Also, buy a good bridging cable, it is not so expensive you can buy one from Amazon. Visit this link to buy one bridging cable from Amazon.



There comes doubt: “what is the correct order to bridge, which cable should I connect first?” After all, you do not want to destroy anything. With this guide, the car bridging should work in the correct order without problems:

  1. Brief explanation:
    a car with empty battery = receiver
    2nd car with full battery = donor car
  2. Check the batteries of both cars; it should be same in power. Either both have 12V, or both have 24V.
    Mixed is problematic.
  3. Turn off the engine of the donor car.
  4. Turn off electricity consumers (radio, light, Ventilation, air conditioning) in both cars.
  5. Connect the red cable with one end to the positive terminal (indicated by a + sign and a red protective cover) of the dead battery (receiver car) and with the other end to the positive terminal of the full battery (donor car).
  6. Connect one end of the black start auxiliary cable to the negative pole of the donor car.
  7. Connect the second end of the black start-up cable to a free (unpainted!) Position of the motor or an unpainted metal part in the engine compartment of the receiver car.
  8. Check that the auxiliary cables do not come between the fan or wedge and belt. Otherwise, they could be damaged during startup.
  9. Start the engine of the car with full battery (donor car).
  10. Start the car with an empty battery (receiver car). If the engine does not start after a few seconds: Take a short break, then try again. Hope it will start the car.
  11. Remove the minus cable (black) from both cars.
  12. Remove the Red cable from both cars.
  13. Drive on the highway for a while to recharge the battery. As I said earlier if you stop after a short drive you will face the battery problem again in next start.



If there is no second vehicle to be bridged nearby, you can start with self-help start- up batteries. These batteries are cheap, portable and easy to carry, it has multiple features like jump start a car, you can also use them as flashlight, use them as power bank of your electric devices like smartphones, and the battery power is really amazing, so if you are a frequent traveller it will give a long battery life, check this one from Amazon:


BUY a Self-help-start up Battery from Amazon

These self-help start batteries are very easy to use, normally you will get the instruction with the package, but if you need any tutorial just drop a comment below, I will add it here.



D you know that you can charge your empty battery with charger!!!
There is some intelligent charger what makes charging very easy, but this will only help when your car is in your home parking where you can connect the charger to an electric socket.
you can also find it at very cheap rate from Amazon.
Check one from Amazon

Who is hero Alam, complete biography

By Anika / 24th December 2016

Hero alom

Hero Alom, also known as dish Alom,  is a prominent comedian in Bangladesh became very popular in social media with his own made music videos. A man with dreams from a underprivileged society recently succeeded to attract attention from Indian media. A lot of people from india currently searching in google who is hero Alom? For about last two weeks, I saw few posts about here Alom in some facebook page operated from india, they are trolling hero Alom, posting funny memes about him, the big mistake they are making as they are comparing him with some of top level Indian artists. To make fun they can do it, but some indians started to believe that this hero Alom is a big star in Bangladesh and they are also criticizing general interest how this low level almost illiterate became sensation in Bangladesh! Let me clear something, hero alom is not someone who is representing Bangladesh or Bangladeshi media, even he is not involved with media.
Hero alom bogra

We know who is Alom, personally I like him, do you want to know why? For his stupidity, because stupids are the bravest in world. We Bangladeshi know about his struggle and how he came up and became star. But for indian readers I am writing shortly about Alom, so if you are interested to know Who is Hero Alom, you will get some idea. The full name of Hero Alom is Ashraful Alam. He borned in a poor family in Bogra so his parents left him to another family. But that family was poor too. So he could not continue his studies very far. At very early age he had to start a small business and started to hawker junk foods from village to village. After making some money with that hawker business he decided to move on to some bigger business, and this time he began CD business, it was a popular business when fast internet was not available throughout the country. That business was going very well and then he started to dream to become a star more specifically hero. But he is not someone who has heroic look and he did not knew anyone or he had not enough money. After few years when internet became available and cable TV became very popular his CD renting business start to collapse slowly and he decided to move on to cable business. This time he got huge success, He is still making almost 70K each month from that cable business, what is handsome amount if you live in a village in Bangladesh. By this time he got married and also got children. But he decided to give a try to make his dreams come true. So he hired some local technician with almost no knowledge of making professional video and some local artist who are actually stage performer. So when he started to make videos he also started to broadcast in his cable tv channel. Within few days he became popular in his area, but people took it as fun. He also made several dramas. He also contested in local government election 3 times but failed each and every time. He was making video on regular basis, and soon it hit the number of 500. He was successful almost every step (except the election) and he found some new potential. He got to know about internet,  Facebook and youtube. He decided to go for nation fame. He made an account in social media facebook and uploaded few videos of him. Some people found this very funny and they were sharing this with other people, they posting videos with negative comments. Negative something is not always bad thing. So within few days his videos become viral and he became social media sensation. Some cheap youtuber who were making videos but failed to attract attention they found this as a big opportunity to become famous. So they were casting hero alom in their video. Hero alom got more attention by this and after a while some people from media invited him and interviewd him. I was also making fun of him, but when I heard his struggle in life I felt sorry. That man is not real hero, but dreamed to be hero, he was wroking hard and got success. And he did not hide anything about him in those interviews. So I started to like him for his honesty. Yes still I like him, just because he is a roll model for me, he showed me how to achive goal, even if you do not have everything, stop complaining and do your work. Media persons including some stars they started to take selfie after he became very well known person. Our cricket start Mushfiqur Rahim took selfie also with hero alom, and when he posted it from his account hero alom got max fame and after that everything is history. If you want me describe hero alom, he is indrustias, honest and also stupid at the same time. He is making videos still, now he got chance in few commercial and drama. But he is not someone reprensting the media. He has no skill of acting, that makes him funny to others, When I watch his videos I just enjoy it, I do not expect I will find somethong exceptinaol, or may I will lear something from it. The main purpose is entertainment. Hero alom is a successful entertainer. No doubt, if he continues like this he will improve and one thing I would like to reveal at this stage, I have been watching some south indian movies ( I do not watch much indian movies, my friend recommend me to watch some, for pure entertainment purpose) Hero Aloms actings and cheap music videos are far better than those funny meaningless south indian movies.

Watch a music video of hero alom

Watch a short flim made by some youtuber gruop what became popular, may be this one is the most popular video.

Hero Alom in a TV commercial:

interview of hero Alom:

Hope You get enough ideas about hero alom, he wanted to become hero and He is hero in his own world, I salute his hardwork, I like his way of working, but I am not fan of acting. If you would like to know more about hero alom, just post comment below, I will be more than happy to answer.

How to download songs from smule karaoke

By Anika / 12th December 2016

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss one of the hot topic being asked by the audience how to download smule songs? There are several ways to download smule songs. Some are very easy, some are difficult, some are complicated, but guys I am promising you to share only easy methods that will answer your question how to download smule songs online. Before I start to write about how to download songs from smule, I would like to ask you a small favor, it is not something big, if you like this post please share it with your friends, and if you are really pleased please like our facebook page. It will help us grow and serve you better. So, let’s start to sing and then download smule songs.

I am a part time blogger and a bathroom singer, I used to sing when I take shower, when I drive from home to office and market, when I walk alone on the road, when I just sit beside the lake and look at sky. Suddenly I found one great app named smule. I am using android phone, but smule is available in iOs too, so don’t worry if you are looking quick guide about how to download smule songs in mp3 format or video format.
I was using screen recorder before to capture and save smule songs sung by me, but offcourse it is a ton of work, first you need to start to record the screen then you have to play the song in smule and the worst part is I had to wait until the song is finished, and then I was editing it on video editing software and exporting as mp3 or video as final product, but as I told you it is a lot of work, and also time consuming process. So I was looking for something else, and then I found some great websites that is actually helping users to download smule songs totally free. I will go through each of them, how they work, the steps to download, and where to find your downloaded file.

How to download smule songs online using websites


so the 1st website I am going to review is, using this website is very easy and it is like easy like 123. you will see a box in the webpage , where you will see this text “smule url” .
so here you need the url of the song, as I am writing this post for everyone, as a newbie you might be wonder what is url? To make it easy and clear for you I am adding a screenshot, a picture is a better way to explain thousand things, Please have a careful look.

download smule songs


In the picture the url is indicated with an arrow, you need this part. Just copy it whole. Then you have to go in Paste the url in the box as picture below:
how to download song from smule sing Then press the download button, it will take you to another page, where they will give you two different option, one is for video, and another one is only audio format, but before downloading play the sample to make sure that is the correct file you are looking for. When you are sure about the desired song that you want to download smule songs on phone, click download file and wait for a while, when the download is done, check the download folder of your pc ( normally it is the default folder where all the downloaded files are stored).
the file you get from download is ready to play on your phone or pc.

how to download smule songs to mp3 with

so the second website is thebluebite, guys this one is the easier one, and the process is pretty same. 1st you need to copy the url of the desired song and then you have to paste it on the box. Then with  a one click on download button, you will get your song downloaded to your pc. As the process is pretty same, I am not going to explain the whole thing again.
I hope this guide about how to download song from smule is helpful for you. If you are interested more about smule and want to use it on pc instead of your phone, we have another post, please read it, then you will know how can you use pc to use the android smule app. And again if you like the post do not forget to share it with your friends, anything you want to share with us, drop a comment below, we will be more than happy to hear from you.
Happy singing!!

How to get rid off Dandruff : Homemade remedies of Dandruff

By Anika / 12th December 2016

Hello everyone, this is going to be my second post, I was thinking about the topic, I am confused what to write, after doing some research on internet I found a lot of you have interest about a common problem named Dandruff , So if you are looking for the answer how to get rid of Dandruff and what is the best Homemade remedies of Dandruff then you are in right place. Dandruff is a reason of discomfort for many of us, and it is very hard to solve it only with the remedies available in market. home made remedies for dandruff is a best solution, and you will get best best if you use with with the available remedies in market. So, at the beginning we will discuss about the problem, how to get rid of Dandruff, what kind of Homemade remedies of Dandruff you can use and how to make them at home and at the end I will recommend some product you may use for best result. so lets start.
The skin cells are constantly regenerating surface including the scalp.

However, when they regenerate rapidly, they are accumulated in the capillary area forming flakes or scales of dead skin visibly falling on the shoulders and clothing.

This condition is called dandruff which causes, often, itching and irritation and off course huge discomfort.


Why dandruff occur?

It is unknown where dandruff originates, but is known that there are various causes such as:

■ fungal infection of the scalp
■ Emotional stress or stress.
■ Cold and dry.
■ over activity of the sebaceous glands.
■ Excessive perspiration
■ Poor feeding.
■ Inadequate care.
■ Allergy and seborrheic dermatitis .
■ Excessive use of dyes.


Home Remedies for Dandruff

In market, there are different brands of anti dandruff shampoos that aim to cleanse the scalp and control the fungal infection. However, if you prefer natural remedies, you can try options such as:

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 1: Mix one tablespoon of honey with an egg. Apply and massage in circular shape. Wash with neutral shampoo.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 2 : Boil water with the roots of beet (white is the most recommended). Apply daily.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 3: Pour two tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water and apply it on the scalp.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 4:  Heat some peanut oil and then apply by massaging the scalp. Wash after a while.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 5  Pour two handfuls of nettle leaves in 1/2 liter of boiled water. Cover and let it become cool. Filter and apply on the scalp with gentle and light friction.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 6: Massage hair with warm 2 tablespoons vinegar and wrap it with a towel for an hour before shampooing. Perform this remedy twice a week for a month.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 7: Mix in 1 cup lemon juice with 5 tablespoons coconut oil. Then, apply with gentle massage on the scalp and leave on for 30 minutes. Finally, wash your head with your usual shampoo.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 8: Gently massage your scalp using 2 tablespoons of fine table salt for 5 minutes and then wash with the usual shampoo. This remedy has an exfoliating effect which helps eliminate dandruff.

Homemade Dandruff Remedy # 9: Wash hair as usual and gently massage on the scalp with 1/2 tablespoon apple juice



Note: If you want to have best result please follow these recommendations. Dandruff is something that you can not beat overnight, you need to be patient and apply remedies regularly.

Rinse thoroughly . After rinsing, it is advised to rinse again to make sure no shampoo left on head. If it does well, they will end up on your clothes as snowflakes (do not worry, this is normal, so even if you forget just wash your head once again, thats it).

Use a commercial shampoo against dandruff if desired . Select a  anti dandruff shampoo containing coal tar, salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, sulfur or selenium sulfide (very tough job, but for best result it is recommended, at the of the article there will be some recommendation of great products, you may follow them)

Change shampoo . If you have been using a shampoo for a few months successfully and, suddenly, your dandruff reappears, what you need to do is just change it. No one knows why an incredibly good anti dandruff shampoo, suddenly stops working, but it the sad truth.

Switch anti dandruff shampoo with other normal. We recommend washing your hair with a normal shampoo every other day, one that is for your hair type: dry, oily or normal. This will protect from chemicals contains in anti dandruff shampoo.

Use conditioner with tar. If your hair begins to feel dry after using an anti dandruff shampoo for long time, choose one based on tar. Tar softens and conditions the hair.

Spraying a sunscreen. As the sun rays help to produce dandruff because they dry the scalp, it is wise to apply sunscreen especially in this and the hair before going to the beach or jump in the pool. A light spray will protect both sunlight and the terrible drying effects of chlorine. Just spray it , comb and ready. Before reapply follow the package instructions.

Consult your doctor if the dandruff persists with flaking, redness and itching, despite the measures taken, and that could be a seborrhea dermatitis, ie, an inflammation of the sebaceous glands. If you feel any problem or discomfort in any stage discuss it with your doctor, and if you have allergy problem it is highly recommended that you check the method with your doctor before you apply them.


So, at the end what we can say as final words healthy and regular living can help you to prevent a lot of things that you do not want. Prevention is better than cure, but somehow if you get the problem, you need to go under a recovery process. Remember any kind recovery process is time consuming, need a lot of care, regular and healthy living is the precondition of it.
As we do not know from which country you are, and that product is available in your country or not, we have tried to categories products by country. Unfortunately it is impossible to cover all the countries, but we will keep updating the list, and if you find that product is available in your country but it is not listed here, drop us few lines in comment. we will take care of the rest.

1. how to deal with dandruff


2. Dandurff

One year in aboard and I am here to take new challenge!

By Anika / 10th December 2016


Hi, This is Anika, I am a Bangladeshi girl living in a small city of Finland named Jakobstad . Its been a year, exactly one year ago on 9th December 2015 I came to Finland to be with my better half.  One year passed, so quickly, many things happened, still happening and a new year is knocking on the door. So I decided to take new challenge and make new promises, that I want to achieve in Brand new year 2017. I am starting blogging today, as a challenge what is my dream for quite long time, I am always interested about technology, and when I was taking a mandatory ICT course in my college level in Bangladesh I start to dream of having a personal website ( I did not know what is a blog, my teachers teach me only about website) where I can share my thoughts, things I like, my planing and everything I wish. I used to write diary as hobby, so now this is going to be my digital public diary and dear reader you are welcome. Now I would like to thank my dear Husband, Sihabur Rahman, who helped to me to achieve this, I knew he is involved in some online work like blogging and he can easily create a website for me, so I asked and he made it for me. And this is my 1st ever post. I am going to write quick review of my year 2016, yet few days left of 2016 but I am writing it today because of the anniversary. And I will start from last year December.

note: This is going to be a big post about personal stuffs, make sure you have enough time to waste to read it!

Christmas Helsikinki

If I remember right That is my 1st picture in Finland taken by Nayeem, my husbands friend currently studying in Vaasa university. We were there for 3 days, I bought some winter cloths and also have quick visit to important places of helsinki city including the port and the white church, I was feeling awesome, I was going though an experience of 1st time 😀
Temperature was about +5, and it was very cold for me. After 3 days we took train to mys hubby’s home city jakobstad, one thing I did not mention, I and my husband did not inform about my arrival in Finland, we wanted to give surprise to everyone and we were successful. The community here surprised when they saw me here without any notice.
It was a new start of life, my husband already had everything at home, but as a girl I start to feel we need more things to make our life easier, so we start to spend maximum time at markets and bought so many important things needed for daily family life.
after few days new year 2016 arrived and we went to a neighboring city  Kokkola to celebrate that. We bought few small cracker and flare lights (probably, I mean tarabati here) and did our personal firework in the city center. at 00.00 hour there was a firework for about 7 minutes, and it was my 1st ever fire work that I witnessed live on the spot!!
Firework in kokkola
Look at the picture, firework was going on behind me 😀

In January and February 2016, Nothing special happened actually, we were busy to meet the local community.
I march I decided to buy a new phone for my husband, and I placed a pre order for Samsung galaxy S7 edge.
And I was busy to get used to western life. I start to roam the small city and whenever I discovered something new, I was exactly feeling that overpowered something special.
Life was going on, I start to feel homesick in cold dark Finland. Winter is really long here and we start to plan for a trip to take a break from daily life. My husband start to search possible destinations where we can go within budget.

April is a special month in my life, this month I found someone who became my life partner, so I have always special feeling for this month. At the beginning of the month I made some secret plan to surprise my husband. I had plenty of time, I was not involved in any kind of job, only cooking and watching movies and sometimes studying Finnish from online websites. But before our marriage anniversary we had Bangla new year Pohela Boishakh on 14th April. The local community had arranged a get together and celebration party . I am attaching a photo below:
Pohela boishakh celebration in finland

It was amazing experience, deshi food, music and some deshi games made that event very colorful.

So finally it was the long anticipated day, 19th of April , I bought a cake, flowers and few candles. Surprisingly my husband also bought same things for me. And at the mid night we wished each other with flower and cake. I was surprised and very happy to find that our thinking is quite same, is not it a great sign of a happy married life?
Nothing happened rest of the month, passed the month with Obsession of love and our plan was ready, we decided already to have a euro trip in Baltic capitals and we were getting preparation for that. I was very excited, and day became bigger and winter was over, spring was everywhere with its own color.
So in 22nd May we took flight from Turku airport of Finland to Gdansk airport of Poland. Gdansk is popular tourist destination in Poland by the Baltic sea. I will write details of the trip next time in separate post. This post already become very big, I don’t want to make it long anymore.
In june we took another trip to the Swedish capital Stockholm, as I mentioned I will write also an individual post about our journey by ship to Stockholm.
In july I got confirmation from the language school that I can take part in upcoming season staring on August 17. We went to a theme park named power park, I took almost all the ride, and to be honest that was my 1st and last time , I dont think I am going to ride on a roller coaster again!!! Had few traditional grill party and this moth was the month of festival in Jakobstad, every year they celebrate Jakobs Dagar, a week long local festival.

Also celebrated Eid and that time I was very sad and homesick, it was 1st eid without my parents, I dont want to remember those bad moments, so I don’t want to write anything about Eid.
I forgot to mention one thing, I was practicing my driving whenever I had time, with my husband, I got my driving licence from Bangladesh, but the traffic rules in Finland quite hard to master, my husband who is a great teacher also helped me a lot in this case. With his help and my passion towards driving helped me to overcome all the obstacle and when I started School on 17Th August, I took my husbands car to school. About 1 month I had used his car and in october he bought me a second hand car, Ford Mondeo 1.8 1999 Model, it was not a best car, but not a bad one to start with.
So right now I am going to school everyday.
I had work practice in a Daycare center from 28th November to 3rd December, it was a great and amazing experience to be with children also.
And right now I am learning ice skating, quite hard and also tiring and interesting as well.
and life is going on…
In this one year I have a lot of achievements, If I write it will become a long thesis, as I wrote I dont want my 1st post become very long, I am not writing everything. In upcoming year, I want to continue things achieved in past years and and also want to reach in new goals, become a successful blogger is one of the aim, and the journey starts now.
Note: I got two addiction in last one year, one is sauna ( traditional finnish stream bath, I will write a post about it)
another one is Kebab pizza.
Only Kebab pizza is real 
Be happy always and keep me in your prayer .

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