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How to jump start a car in 2018 / How to Push start your Car

By Anika / 10th February 2017
Jump start a Car

Jump start a Car

In cold mid-winter, we all face a common problem, the in extreme weather the battery of car drain very fast. But the winter is not only the problem, if you forget to turn off the light accidentally, you have to suffer later. If your car does not start normally, you might start it with a jump start. So you need to know how to jump start a car properly. So in this post, I will show all the steps how to jump a car and things to consider when doing it. If your car does not start, you can jump your car in two different way. Those who are driving or own a car already for a long time they are familiar with these two systems. So if you know you are having the problem with something else, please visit your nearest garage. But if you are totally new and have very little experience and not sure what is the wrong try these two ways. So we will discuss how to start a car with a push and how to jump start a car.

How to Push Start a Car

If the battery of your car is empty, it might start with a push. You need two or three helpers, if necessary, may be more if you have a bigger car.

Prerequisites for the car

  • The car should be gasoline. Diesel driving car might not work in this way, especially in winter.
  • The pushing can only be done with a manual gearbox. You need other start-up assistance in automatic mode.
  • Try the pushing only if no start-up assistance is possible.

The pushing of a diesel driving car is difficult because the diesel can not pre-anneal without battery.

Push the car correctly

  1. First look for the helpers to push the car.
  2. Put a person in the car. Check that person has the drivers license and driving experience is necessary.
  3. Open the window to talk with the sliders.
  4. Ignition on (do not start).
  5. Insert the second gear. (2nd or 3rd gear is good, but if the driver is experienced 1st gear will give the best result, but if you pick a great speed with pushing 2nd gear is the best option)
  6. Push the Clutch.
  7. Driver in the car gives the command to push.
  8. As soon as a speed of about 10km/h is reached, slowly lift the clutch.
  9. While the clutch is releasing, give some gas.
  10. The pushers continue to slide. The swing should bring the engine to spark.
  11. Then run the engine!
  12. Now you can start driving.

Tip: To charge the battery, it is recommended to drive a few kilometers on the highway. After a short journey you will have the start-up problem again.

Safety when pushing

Pay attention to safety.

  • Make sure you are clear with the steering. Without a running engine, many steering systems are very difficult to move.
  • On busy streets, you have to put some sign to warn others.
  • Do not forget to put on the warning lights.

Find the cause of the weak battery. It may be sufficient to charge the battery completely, but it may need to be replaced. Your workshop will help you.

Jumpstart a Car with cable
Jump start a car with cable

You can Start your car also with cable if the battery is empty, this system is called bridging. For this you need a second car with active working battery.

But for this method, you have to know few things exactly. Otherwise, it is very dangerous for you and your car. Also, buy a good bridging cable, it is not so expensive you can buy one from Amazon. Visit this link to buy one bridging cable from Amazon.



There comes doubt: “what is the correct order to bridge, which cable should I connect first?” After all, you do not want to destroy anything. With this guide, the car bridging should work in the correct order without problems:

  1. Brief explanation:
    a car with empty battery = receiver
    2nd car with full battery = donor car
  2. Check the batteries of both cars; it should be same in power. Either both have 12V, or both have 24V.
    Mixed is problematic.
  3. Turn off the engine of the donor car.
  4. Turn off electricity consumers (radio, light, Ventilation, air conditioning) in both cars.
  5. Connect the red cable with one end to the positive terminal (indicated by a + sign and a red protective cover) of the dead battery (receiver car) and with the other end to the positive terminal of the full battery (donor car).
  6. Connect one end of the black start auxiliary cable to the negative pole of the donor car.
  7. Connect the second end of the black start-up cable to a free (unpainted!) Position of the motor or an unpainted metal part in the engine compartment of the receiver car.
  8. Check that the auxiliary cables do not come between the fan or wedge and belt. Otherwise, they could be damaged during startup.
  9. Start the engine of the car with full battery (donor car).
  10. Start the car with an empty battery (receiver car). If the engine does not start after a few seconds: Take a short break, then try again. Hope it will start the car.
  11. Remove the minus cable (black) from both cars.
  12. Remove the Red cable from both cars.
  13. Drive on the highway for a while to recharge the battery. As I said earlier if you stop after a short drive you will face the battery problem again in next start.



If there is no second vehicle to be bridged nearby, you can start with self-help start- up batteries. These batteries are cheap, portable and easy to carry, it has multiple features like jump start a car, you can also use them as flashlight, use them as power bank of your electric devices like smartphones, and the battery power is really amazing, so if you are a frequent traveller it will give a long battery life, check this one from Amazon:


BUY a Self-help-start up Battery from Amazon

These self-help start batteries are very easy to use, normally you will get the instruction with the package, but if you need any tutorial just drop a comment below, I will add it here.



D you know that you can charge your empty battery with charger!!!
There is some intelligent charger what makes charging very easy, but this will only help when your car is in your home parking where you can connect the charger to an electric socket.
you can also find it at very cheap rate from Amazon.
Check one from Amazon

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