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How to download songs from smule karaoke

By Anika / 12th December 2016

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss one of the hot topic being asked by the audience how to download smule songs? There are several ways to download smule songs. Some are very easy, some are difficult, some are complicated, but guys I am promising you to share only easy methods that will answer your question how to download smule songs online. Before I start to write about how to download songs from smule, I would like to ask you a small favor, it is not something big, if you like this post please share it with your friends, and if you are really pleased please like our facebook page. It will help us grow and serve you better. So, let’s start to sing and then download smule songs.

I am a part time blogger and a bathroom singer, I used to sing when I take shower, when I drive from home to office and market, when I walk alone on the road, when I just sit beside the lake and look at sky. Suddenly I found one great app named smule. I am using android phone, but smule is available in iOs too, so don’t worry if you are looking quick guide about how to download smule songs in mp3 format or video format.
I was using screen recorder before to capture and save smule songs sung by me, but offcourse it is a ton of work, first you need to start to record the screen then you have to play the song in smule and the worst part is I had to wait until the song is finished, and then I was editing it on video editing software and exporting as mp3 or video as final product, but as I told you it is a lot of work, and also time consuming process. So I was looking for something else, and then I found some great websites that is actually helping users to download smule songs totally free. I will go through each of them, how they work, the steps to download, and where to find your downloaded file.

How to download smule songs online using websites


so the 1st website I am going to review is smuledownloader.download, using this website is very easy and it is like easy like 123. you will see a box in the webpage , where you will see this text “smule url” .
so here you need the url of the song, as I am writing this post for everyone, as a newbie you might be wonder what is url? To make it easy and clear for you I am adding a screenshot, a picture is a better way to explain thousand things, Please have a careful look.

download smule songs


In the picture the url is indicated with an arrow, you need this part. Just copy it whole. Then you have to go in smuledownloader.download. Paste the url in the box as picture below:
how to download song from smule sing Then press the download button, it will take you to another page, where they will give you two different option, one is for video, and another one is only audio format, but before downloading play the sample to make sure that is the correct file you are looking for. When you are sure about the desired song that you want to download smule songs on phone, click download file and wait for a while, when the download is done, check the download folder of your pc ( normally it is the default folder where all the downloaded files are stored).
the file you get from download is ready to play on your phone or pc.

how to download smule songs to mp3 with thebluebyte.com

so the second website is thebluebite, guys this one is the easier one, and the process is pretty same. 1st you need to copy the url of the desired song and then you have to paste it on the box. Then with  a one click on download button, you will get your song downloaded to your pc. As the process is pretty same, I am not going to explain the whole thing again.
I hope this guide about how to download song from smule is helpful for you. If you are interested more about smule and want to use it on pc instead of your phone, we have another post, please read it, then you will know how can you use pc to use the android smule app. And again if you like the post do not forget to share it with your friends, anything you want to share with us, drop a comment below, we will be more than happy to hear from you.
Happy singing!!

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