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What are the best framing nailers 2018 – 2019 ?

By Anika / 27th September 2017

Best Framing Nailer 2018-2019 Guide and Expert Reviews

Whether for upholstering, frame mounting or any small nailing work, pneumatic nailers save us effort and give us better results than if we used the traditional hammer. The best thing is that these tools, thanks to their air outlet system, allow for greater safety and comfort during work. Precisely this is what we offer the outstanding models of our comparison of pneumatic nailers and then we analyze for you and we accompany you with some guidelines with which to make your choice in case you want to submerge what market offers.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Framing Nailer 2018

Since not all nailers are the same, to start using one, it is good to see the nail or staple capacity the product offers. When talking about capacity we have to consider the measures of the nails that the machine accepts, as much in its diameter as in its size, since according to these measures the product will be suitable for some uses or others. We have found dual models that work with both staples and nails, so if this is necessary you will have no problem finding them in the market.

Another issue to consider has to do with the product’s feed system. The higher the nails and the greater the stapling capacity of the larger, the greater the need for air to have the machine. This should be taken into account since if you intend to make a portable use of the product you will need it to have a tight air need that you can cover with a portable compressor. The same is true if you are going to use them in a fixed workshop since your air need must be adjusted to what the machines available in that workshop to generate the air.

We end by taking a look at comfort and safety. Since it is a manual impact tool, it is very important that the other contact areas of the hand are as comfortable and wide as possible. To do this they must be ergonomically designed and have adequate rubber protections or restraints to reduce the impact of the machine when stapling. look at the next section for the recommendation of best framing nailers.


Recommended Best Framing nailer 2018


Makita AF505


The Makita AF505 tool is a professional cutting pneumatic nailer that has a system with capacity for nails up to 1.25 millimeters in diameter and lengths of 15 to 50 millimeters depending on what you need.

The product offers a very simple and ergonomic design, using elastomer of high quality with which the clamping and comfort is much simpler. It also has a protector that prevents emptying for greater safety.

The air intake supports pressures from 4 bars and can be oriented as you need to get better results. And since you do not need to buy anything else, the product includes protective goggles, lubricating oil and a briefcase where you can take your nailer properly protected there where you need it.

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Silverline 633524


The Silverline 633524 pneumatic nailer is a dual product, which can work with both staples and nails, both 18 gauge, ranging from 10 to 50 millimeters in length. A product specially designed for simple works such as upholstery, manual or assembly of cabinets among others.

The product is prepared to work with a pressure from only 4 bars so that it can be used with portable products as it does not have great air needs.

The equipment also counts on a light system of application of the nails, counting on an additional system of security that prevents the unexpected exit of the nails of unforeseen form. A light and ergonomic tool to work comfortably and quickly.

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Salki 86900006


The model Salki 86900006 is a light and simple product designed to work with both pins and pins up to 0.6 millimeters in diameter and with lengths of 12 to 35 millimeters.

At the beginning it is designed to be able to fix frames and moldings, working correctly on all types of materials, without having problems of leaving marks or holes when fixing when offering an adequate offer of adjustment.

The product has a conventional male power supply system, suitable for any compressor, as well as a charger that allows a good amount of nails or pins without having to recharge too often, which allows you to save time and effort to work.

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