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Best Black Friday Deals 2018

By Anika / 25th November 2017

The origin of Black Friday (and things to buy that you did not imagine)

What began, literally, with chaos, has become one of the most consumed days of the year, Look at the Best Black Friday Deals 2018

Who does not have a couple of things in mind today that they need or want to buy? Who says a pair says six, one or 15. Probably more than one, more than two and more than three have a list almost as long as that of the supermarket of the weekend; there are groups of WhatsApp with shopping center routes in store throughout the weekend and many take the opportunity to stock Christmas gifts. What perhaps those many are not very clear about is what is the name of this day that brings to the street (virtually or physically) millions of buyers around the world, where it comes from, why it was born and since when it is in our lives … Here, a brief history of this Friday millionaire (and some things that you can do and in which you may not have thought).

Have a look at the best Black Friday deals 2018

And it all started … for football

Origin Black Friday

In this case American football and, specifically, the university league of the United States. The teams? The Navy Midshipmen and the Army Black Knights – the naval academy and the military academy. This classic between the North American Armed Forces is played since 1890 and is a symbol (sports, yes) of their rivalry; It also marks the end of the college football season and is also the final of the Commander in Chief Trophy, which is joined by the Air Force, the Air Force Falcons.

Because of geographical balance between the two academies (the military in West Point, New York, and the naval in Annapolis, Maryland), it began to be held in Philadelphia in 1899 and, although the location changes some years, that has since been the city par excellence for the party that, historically, was played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Friday of November. And there, in Philadelphia and during the fifties, the city police coined the term of Black Friday to describe the chaos that gripped the streets of the city.

Amateurs, university students, tourists … They crowded the sidewalks, the shops, the restaurants; the traffic grew; thefts and robberies increased, and the security forces not only could not get through the weekend, they had to double shifts to try to maintain order. By the time the sixties arrived, Black Friday was already a settled term in the city. Restorers and merchants tried to put an end to this negative connotation by pushing another name, Big Friday, but it never came together and, in the 1980s, someone came up with the idea that the issue was not changing the name, but the meaning.

The small shops, those that have always struggled to survive in front of large stores, were the ones who reinvented the concept. Black no longer meant chaos. It became synonymous with bonanza, shopping, leisure, recovery. The stores, which normally ran in the red, went black that day: there were profits.

Welcome, hen of the golden eggs

Origin Black Friday

The chaos of the crowd became a kind of chicken of the golden eggs and it did not take long to forget where that name had come from. The current concept of Black Friday was born from the offers, discounts, and promotions. Since then it has only grown: the stores began to close later and later, the day stopped being one day and the weekend coped, the idea went to other cities in the United States, then to other continents …

Now, almost six decades later, this Friday is celebrated in dozens of countries around the world and grows exponentially every year, especially since the last five, expanding not only the places where it occurs but brands and platforms they join and the time it lasts, reaching up to two weeks in some online stores. He never imagined the Philadelphia police that his chaotic weekend would end up becoming a star weekend for the trade. In Spain, sales are expected to exceed 1,370 million euros this year (9% more than in 2016), and according to a study by Deloitte, 31% of purchases are ahead of November, especially for the campaign Negra, where the Spaniards will spend a third of the budget, which this year amounts to 633 euros per household.

Nor is it likely that early Pennsylvania retailers calculated the scope of their idea. Of the stores in Philadelphia with the most inhabitants in its history, it reached just over two million in the 1950s, to thousands of physical and virtual establishments around the world. Iberia, for example, opens its black days from November 22 to 27 to fly from January 10 to March 21 of next year; Iberdrola, from November 17 to 27, offers a discount of 40% on its intelligent thermostat; and Mercedes offer until November 30 pre-owned vehicles registered this year with special conditions.

They are no longer just small businesses, Black Friday extends to everything, even to what we do not imagine or in what we do not usually repair when we think about going to buy, because who thinks about saving electricity or aims at the list a couple of tickets to Buenos Aires or an SUV? Nobody, until now.

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