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I am a simple girl love to hang with friends, Like to travel, active in activities and now a new blogger-


How to jump start a car in 2018 / How to Push start your Car

By Anika / 10th February 2017

In cold mid-winter, we all face a common problem, the in extreme weather the battery of car drain very fast. But the winter is not only the problem, if you forget to turn off the light accidentally, you have to suffer later. If your car does not start normally, you might start it with a jump […]


Who is hero Alam, complete biography

By Anika / 24th December 2016

Hero Alom, also known as dish Alom,  is a prominent comedian in Bangladesh became very popular in social media with his own made music videos. A man with dreams from a underprivileged society recently succeeded to attract attention from Indian media. A lot of people from india currently searching in google who is hero Alom? For about […]


How to download songs from smule karaoke

By Anika / 12th December 2016

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss one of the hot topic being asked by the audience how to download smule songs? There are several ways to download smule songs. Some are very easy, some are difficult, some are complicated, but guys I am promising you to share only easy methods that will answer […]


How to get rid off Dandruff : Homemade remedies of Dandruff

By Anika / 12th December 2016

Hello everyone, this is going to be my second post, I was thinking about the topic, I am confused what to write, after doing some research on internet I found a lot of you have interest about a common problem named Dandruff , So if you are looking for the answer how to get rid of Dandruff […]


One year in aboard and I am here to take new challenge!

By Anika / 10th December 2016

10.12.2016 Hi, This is Anika, I am a Bangladeshi girl living in a small city of Finland named Jakobstad . Its been a year, exactly one year ago on 9th December 2015 I came to Finland to be with my better half.  One year passed, so quickly, many things happened, still happening and a new […]

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