The Best Dehumidifiers Reviews 2018

By Anika / 28th November 2017

You probably already know the effects of air when it is too dry. During the winter, you may have had problems with dry air, dry skin, and hair.

Did you know that a lot of humidity in the air can still be a bigger problem? Moisture can cause problems with your electronic devices, but it can also cause serious health problems. This is why you should use a dehumidifier in your home or office.

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Our Critics

Eva-dry Edv-1100 – Best Cheap Dehumidifier 2018

Small, accessible and excellent are just three adjectives that can be used to describe this unit. Whether your RV feels a bit stuffy and smells musty or your closet is at risk of mold and mildew, this ultra-portable and an energy-efficient unit is ready to go. It has a 16 oz water reservoir, and the unit automatically shuts off when it is full. It is also spill-proof so you do not have to worry about making a mess.

This unit is very quiet, so you can run it at night without disturbing your sleep. It’s also small enough to put almost anywhere, from your bedside table to a table in your motorhome.


It works very well. It is the ideal compact size for smaller spaces. It is very accessible. It comes backed by a guarantee. It has an automatic shutoff function. It is easy to configure and use.


It does not work in larger spaces. It is not built to last as long as higher-end units. The cable is quite long and bulky.

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Keystone KSTAD50B – Best Dehumidifier 2018 for Money

Keep your home clean, healthy and comfortable with this great Keystone unit. It is strong enough to pull up to 50 pints of moisture from spaces of up to 3,000 square feet. Even though you have more electric power, you will not have to worry about seeing an increase in your energy bill, since this unit is Energy Star certified to keep it more efficient.

Your air will be cleaner than ever, as this unit not only removes excess moisture, but also dust, which accumulates in the reusable filter that is easy to remove, clean and install again. It has three different configurations for you to choose from, including Normal, Turbo, and Auto-defrost. If you have a continuous moisture problem, you can set it up for continuous drainage with a hose, which is sold separately.


It’s easy to use. It is very powerful. It is energy efficient. It works in large spaces. It has an automatic shut-off mode for when the water tank is full. It has electronic controls and an LED screen. Wheels that make it very portable. The automatic restart keeps the configuration intact in case of a power cut. It has a 24-hour timer.


The hose connection does not connect to a standard hose. It is a bit difficult to put the container back after its emptying.

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FRIGIDAIRE FAD704DWD – Best General Dehumidifier 2018

If performance is what you want, performance is what you get with this unit, which has a large capacity water tank to help remove moisture from the wetter areas. This model is ideal for spaces up to 1,400 feet, and is effectively removed up to 70 liters per day through the water tank, or can be connected to a hose for continuous use.

The washable filter helps trap in bacteria, allergens, and a lot of airborne particles that can leave your home unhealthy. This unit is on wheels, so it is easy to move from one room to another to remove moisture in the air that goes to mold, mildew and other problems caused by excess moisture. It has electronic controls that make it easy to use, an automatic shut-off function when the tank is full and is very energy efficient.


It is very easy to use. It has a large water reserve capacity. It is easy to move. It has electronic controls that can be used to change the configuration. It has two fan speeds. It is backed by a great guarantee. It has an extra long cable of 6 feet so it will not be necessary to use an extension cable. The antibacterial filter keeps your air clean and healthy. It has different humidity controls to correct air quality as quickly as possible.


It’s a little expensive. It can be filtered through time, so it is best to use the hose option for continuous drainage.

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The best dehumidifiers 2018


Better in Generalfrigidaire-fad704dwd-energy-star-70-pint-dehumidifier
Better For Moneykeystone-kstad50b-energy-star-dehumidifier
Best Cheapeva-dry-electric-petite-dehumidifier-edv-1100

What is a dehumidifier?

Humidity occurs when there is moisture in the air. While the air should not be too dry, it should not have a high humidity or excess moisture. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including inadequate airflow and circulation, runoff from your home or business, and living in a very humid climate.

A dehumidifier is a type of machine that is designed to suck the indoor air, remove excess moisture, and then release it back into the room at the proper humidity level.

What are the advantages of owning a dehumidifier?

If your home or commercial space has humid or wet air, this can lead to a wide variety of issues. If you have recently experienced a flood or air duct is not providing enough airflow, a dehumidifier can help remove excess moisture before it becomes a very large (and expensive) a headache.

Excess moisture in the air can lead to moisture odors, damage to electronic devices, and even mold on roofs, floors and walls, which can endanger your health and cost you a fortune to remedy it. With a dehumidifier, you have the right level of humidity in your home or business without putting your building, personal belongings, and health at risk.

What are the different types of dehumidifiers?

The main difference between this type of equipment is the efficiency with which the area can be dehumidified. Before making a purchase, make sure you know how the problem is affecting your home or business, either across the entire area or just a small portion.

  • Small capacity – These machines are best for small areas, such as bathrooms or small rooms. These are the best for spaces that are wet and not completely wet.
  • Medium capacity – These handle medium-sized areas, such as a medium-sized room or in the bedroom, and can be used for wet or damp areas.
  • Large capacity – These heavy-duty machines are best for larger spaces, including a large open office space or a few open rooms in your home.
  • Units throughout the house – These units can be purchased as stand-alone products or can be permanently installed to your central heating system and air system to prevent moisture and damage caused by excess moisture.



Considerations to choose the best dehumidifier

These products are undoubtedly big investments. To make sure you choose the perfect product, read the following points before buying.


You can buy a small dehumidifier for less than $ 100, while a larger model for your entire home can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. While you should not stop comparing prices to find a price that fits your own budget, you should also make sure you never sacrifice size or quality just to get a lower price.

The recommended space

A small unit designed for a wet cabinet will not effectively clean the air throughout the house, so you need to assess your needs and buy a product according to your need. The larger space, the larger the unit that must be purchased should be. You should buy a larger unit if you have a smaller space that is too moist in order to effectively remove moisture that could lead to mold, mildew and moisture odors.


Things happen and over time, the products stop working and require repairs or replacements. You should not have to worry about this after only using the equipment for a week or two, if there is a defect that affects the functionality of your product, a large manufacturer’s warranty will protect your purchase so you do not have to invest more than your hard earned money.

Water tank size

The size of the water tank goes hand in hand with the size of the unit itself. For larger rooms, you require a larger tank that holds more water without having to be dumped. This is also true for smaller spaces that are very humid. For continuous operation, look for a model equipped with a drainage system.


You want to eliminate excess moisture as soon as you notice that it is a problem to avoid serious damage to your home or business. There is no better way to do it than with a high-quality dehumidifier that is built to carry out that job. The FRIGIDAIRE FAD704DWD is one of the most sold dehumidifiers in the market. It is easy to use, it lets out excess moisture in an instant, and it has a high capacity, so it can be used in larger spaces. It is also backed by a great guarantee and helps make your airless damp and healthier than ever, all in an ultra-portable unit.

The Best Electric Blankets Reviews 2018

By Anika / 28th November 2017

On those cold winter nights, few things are better than lying down on your bed with a thick sheet to keep you warm. Even though getting out from under the covers will be a struggle in the morning. Receive warmth in your bed in the winter time and on those colder nights helps you rest and sleep better. However, sometimes there are days when your regular sheet is not hot enough, and you simply can not seem to beat the cold. Sure, you can turn up your thermostat, but that only gets the highest electric bill at the end of the month, it’s not something you want to see.

You do not have to increase your energy bill and you also do not have to sacrifice heat. Instead, you can stay warm and cozy efficiently with an electric blanket. Check them below!

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Our Critics

Sunbeam Camelot Cuddler Throw Microplush – Best Cheap Electric Blanket 2018

It will keep you warm in this blanket, which is made of cozy and soft microplush fabric. It’s the perfect thing to wrap up on the couch, measuring a generous 50 “x 60”. This sheet is equipped with a built-in heating element that adjusts to your body temperature, room temperature and bed temperature.

The controls are easy to use, and you can select from three different heating settings. It comes in 23 great colors and patterns, including beige, garnet, and lagoon. You can rest knowing that you have purchased a great product, as it is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


It is available in various colors, it is cheap, they are soft and easy to control. The controller is easy to grip and has a 3-hour automatic shutdown feature for safety. It heats up quickly this can help save money on your electricity bill. It has a long cable so it can always be easily connected.


It has some cold spots that do not heat up so it does not get as hot as other sheets when they heat up. Take some time to fully warm up. It’s throw size, so it’s smaller than most blankets to heat. The location of the rope is uncomfortably located so it is difficult to reach.

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Sunbeam Velvet Plush Blanket – Best electric blanket 2018 For Money

You will never want to leave the bed after using this blanket, which is made of plush material that is so-so-soft. If you feel that it does not provide enough heat for you, just turn on the temperature controller and set it to one of 10 different settings that give you the maximum heat you want.

The unique heating system detects heat areas and adjusts accordingly, so you do not have to worry about getting too hot while you sleep. It is equipped with a 10-hour automatic shut-off function for security purposes, and even has a pre-heating system that heats the bed sheets before going to bed. It is available in three colors, all at an affordable price.


It is safe to clean a washer and dryer. It has 10 configurations and a pre-heating function. It has a limited warranty of 5 years, it is very soft, it comes in three different sizes. It is available in three neutral colors to match your decor. The controls are easy to use.


The cables are very visible. The material is slippery, so it can slip throughout the night. The material is thinner and looks cheaper than the material used in more high-end sheets.

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Sunbeam RoyalMink – Best Electric Blanket 2018 in General

It does not have much more luxury than the RoyalMink blanket by Sunbeam, which looks like it was designed for royalty. The first thing you will notice is the soft mink fabric, which is available in your choice of four neutral colors to perfectly complement the decor of your bedroom. Next, you will find the controls, which offer a preheat function for hotbed sheets, as well as 20 different heat settings to help you warm up quickly. It has dual controls, so you can fully customize where you get more heat, and if you sleep with someone else, you can adjust your settings to your own personal preferences.

The room temperature system detects changes in temperature in your home, in your bed or in your body to provide lasting comfort throughout the night. You can also be sure that you have a good product in your hands since this blanket comes with Sunbeam’s 5-year limited warranty to protect against defects.


It can help you save up to 15 percent on your electricity bill. It is made of first quality soft fabric. It has two controllers with 20 different configurations and heats up very quickly. It heats evenly and adjusts to different ambient temperatures. Also, the controls are easy to use. It’s thicker than cheaper electric blankets. It has the perfect size and weight and also preheats your bed and heats your sheets with the touch of a button.


It is more expensive than other blankets. The sizes are a little smaller than the traditional sizes.

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The Best  Electric Blankets


Better in Generalsunbeam-royalmink-heated-blanket
Better For Moneysunbeam-velvet-plush-heated-blanket-choicetouch-controller-2
Best Cheapsunbeam-microplush-throw-camelot-cuddler-electric-heated-warming-blanket

What is an electric blanket?

An electric blanket is a type of blanket that has a built-in heating element. Attached is a cable that plugs into any standard outlet, and there is a temperature control dial that allows you to raise or lower the heat. It’s like having your own personal space heater without dramatically increasing your energy bill. These blankets are available in all sizes, from twin all in the manner of the King of California.

What are the advantages of owning an electric blanket?

If you live in a very cold area, an electric blanket can keep you warm without the need for dangerous space heaters or have to increase the temperature on your thermostat. These are not just to keep warm, however. It has also been shown that these heated blankets can help with aches, particularly those of arthritis that get worse when you are cold.

Like a heating pad, an electric blanket can help soothe these ailments and pains every day and silence you in a peaceful sleep.

What are the different types of electric blankets?

If you think you would enjoy the heat that an electric blanket has to offer, you may be tempted to buy one immediately. Instead of doing so, however, take a little time to research each product. You can start by finding out more about the types of blankets that are available.

  • Traditional blankets – These blankets go over you, just like a regular blanket or quilt. They can be used on your bed while you sleep, or you can wrap up with one while relaxing on the couch.
  • Warm mattress pads – Instead of going over you, they will fit over or under your sheet. This provides you with a soft cushion of heat that feels great when you throw a regular blanket over you to trap in the heat.



Considerations to choose the best  electric blanket 2018

Not all electric blankets are made the same, which is why you should make sure you know what to look for before you make your purchase. You want to be confident in your purchase, and when you take these things into consideration, you can breathe easy and know that you have made a great choice and have chosen a blanket that you will enjoy for years to come.


You will find that electric blankets are more expensive than most regular blankets, and you should expect to pay at least $ 50 for a small one with basic heating features up to several hundred for a high-end blanket. Decide what other features you believe you simply can not live without. Then you will see a budget plan accordingly, it is important never to sacrifice the quality or safety of your product just to save a few dollars.


If you plan to use your blanket on your bed, you need to make sure it is the correct size. Most blankets come in various sizes, but be sure to check the exact measurements to make sure it fits perfectly on your mattress.

Heat settings

If your body temperature fluctuates during the day, find a blanket that has many different heat settings to keep you at the perfect temperature all day and night. If you are willing to invest the extra money, a blanket equipped with automatic detection features that fit where your body is the warmest and coldest is a great feature.

Security features

Like any other heating device, there is always a risk of danger with the use of an electric blanket. You do not have to spend your days worrying about the safety of your product, however, if you choose one that comes equipped with safety features like automatic closing.


You do not have to spend your days shivering from the cold temperatures but you should not have to increase your electricity bills by hundreds of dollars more to stay warm. A high-quality electric blanket offers a perfect balance, providing warmth while saving money.

If you want a great blanket that you can enjoy for years to come, the Sunbeam RoyalMink has everything you are looking for. Whether it is choosing from 20 different temperature settings or just enjoying the luxurious mink material, this is the perfect way to keep away the roaches on cold days and nights.

The Best Suitcases Reviews 2018

By Anika / 28th November 2017

At some point in life, we all have to travel to different destinations. Whether for a relaxing break with our family, friends or for a business trip for the company with which we work. Traveling is something that most people do at least once in their lives, but some people can travel several times each year and that is fabulous. If you are going to go on an exotic cruise or perhaps to the next state to spend the holidays with the family, you know that the packing of bags or suitcases overnight is essential for any trip. Instead of using duffel bags or backpacks for the trip, why not travel in style with a set of high-quality luggage.

The luggage can prepare the traveler for any duration of the trip and all possible scenarios. A set can be as simple as two basic pieces, such as a set of large and small suitcases that combine and at the same time look elegant. They can also be as extensive as a set of multiple pieces with three, four or five pieces that include everything from large, medium and small suitcases, which includes up to a small hand bag (duffle bag) , a bag of clothing, a toilet article bag, a laptop bag and more. Having different sizes allows you to choose and ensure that there will always be the perfect bag for any situation.

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Our Critics

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner Set – Best Cheap Suitcases 2018

You do not have to pay a fortune to have an elegant quality luggage. This three-piece set comes with everything you need for your trip, including 21-inch, 25-inch and 29-inch bags. Each bag is equipped with spinners that allow a greater range of movement to facilitate transportation wherever you go.

These polyester suitcases are available in your choice of four colors, black, navy blue, purple and Aqua Blue. They have padded upper and side handles for easy portability. There are multiple pockets inside, as well as front panels for last minute packaging and perfect organization.


  • This set is very affordable
  • The spinners make them easy to pull around
  • They are made of high quality polyester for durability
  • They are backed with a great guarantee
  • They have multiple pockets to facilitate packing
  • They are light
  • They come in various colors


  • The upper handles do not feel as strong as other models
  • Zippers can break or be damaged over time
  • Suitcases do not keep up over time

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Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set – Best Suitcases 2018 For Money

If you have dealt with luggage made of cloth before and know that it has been broken or have lost its shape when thrown by the conveyor belts by the airlines, a set of carry-on luggage will provide you with more security. This set is made with polycarbonate that is strong and durable and durable enough to last for many years, and comes with a 10 year limited warranty that will give you a lot of confidence knowing that you have made a great purchase.

Each piece has spinners for easier portability, with side locks approved by TSA and dividers, and interior pockets for complete organization. This system has three pieces, large enough to pack for several days or more, and comes in your choice of colors, basic charcoal or brighter orange.


  • It is of very high quality and durable
  • It is not too expensive
  • It comes with a guarantee
  • It has retractable handles for portability
  • The swivel wheels make them slide easily
  • Each piece has a combination lock for safety
  • Despite its durable construction, it is quite lightweight
  • It is resistant to dents, and always has its shape
  • The brushed pattern helps to hide scratches and scratches
  • The interior is completely lined
  • The interior has crossed straps to hold everything in place


  • Interior zippers are a bit difficult to open and close
  • No external pockets in the smallest bag

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Travel Gear Signature 4 Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set – Best Overall Suitcase 2018

This suitcase design set provides the perfect combo of space, functionality and fashion style. The first important thing you can notice is that the outer fabric is very attractive that really makes this system stand out in its choice of three colors, White / Peacoat, Gray, and Burgundy. Each suitcase features a telescopic handle that retracts when not in use, comes with a locking button to hold the handle in place, and rolls 360 degrees with the attached spinners.

There are multiple interior pockets, an expandable design that makes them easy to pack, and has additional features like shoe pockets, side pockets and double front pockets for last-minute items that I forget to pack. The inside of each bag is completely lined, and you have four sizes to choose from, including one to wear with a zipper. This set has a great design that will keep you in style during travel with the durability you need during years of use.


  • The set has four large pieces, which gives you a lot of packing space
  • Fashionable exterior
  • It comes with a guarantee to protect your purchase
  • The handles are very resistant
  • The spinners make them easy to pull around
  • Suitcases nest for easy storage when not in use
  • Provides a lot of space
  • The set has many interior pockets, including separate shoe space, mesh pockets, and more


  • Does not exceed in rainy weather

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The Best Suitcase Games


Better in General
Better For Money
Best Cheap


What is a suitcase suit?

It is a set of luggage or is a set of bags that are used to hold your belongings while traveling. Each set differs from brand to brand in terms of prices, sizes, pieces, materials and general design, but one set is composed of several pieces that are made of the same fabric and have the same color or pattern.

Most games include a large suitcase, as well as a smaller suitcase or several. A smaller toilet bag can also be included to contain health and beauty items. These sets are designed so that you can easily pack all of your clothes, shoes, electronics and personal items that you will need during your trip.

What are the advantages of owning a suitcase?

The main advantage of owning a set of luggage is that you will have much more space for your personal belongings while traveling. Modern suitcases are made with multiple pockets, including plastic lined compartments, where all your items can be kept clean and organized, even during long trips. Since these sets are coordinated, they look great as they are organized, and if you choose a distinctive color or pattern, they are even easier to identify when you are at the airport, on a cruise, or anywhere that could be separated. of your luggage for a short period of time.

It is not necessary to take long vacations, sometimes it is satisfying enough to take a small trip for only a day or two to some place of near relaxation. The round trip can take more than a few hours accumulated but can explain a massive break of our daily monotony. For such short trips, you hardly need to pack anything; A few dollars in your pocket and the clothes in your back should be enough. Let’s say you might just bring a sweater or an extra shirt just to be safe.

Other times, however, the need to travel is much greater, which makes a longer and more complete trip necessary. In America, that trip usually cannot last more than two weeks each year unless you want to risk losing your job. Two weeks is still a long time to inspire overpacking, that is, many more travel bags, however, and even the average packers among us require bags for a long trip.

When you want to get away for a while, and you want to do that with kind of uniform style, you reach for a set of luggage. For the first 20 or 30 years of our lives, we content ourselves with a hodgepodge of suitcases and bags, but, as we move into true adulthood, the baggage set makes more and more sense to our brains each time and we wish to have some more sophisticated. Having more than a half dozen matching bags will make organizing even the entire family’s vacation that much easier.

What are the different types of suitcase games?

If you are buying your first suit of luggage or replacing an older game, there are some things you need to look for while shopping for this type of product. The first thing you should know is about the different types available, the differences between each type and which one best suits your travel and budget needs.

  • Rolling luggage sets (Rolling Luggage Sets) – These sets contain a piece or several pieces that have wheels attached. This way, you will not have to drag a large and heavy suitcase around your hand, but instead, you can pull it by a handle that slides into the suitcase when it is not in use to remove the volume. These are best for when you have a very heavy suitcase or you plan to carry one of your bags for a longer period of time, such as walking through the airport.
  • Luggage Sets with Rotators (Spinner Luggage Sets) – These are similar to roller sets, however, they offer more range in their movement. While most sets with wheels can only move forward and backward, they can make a full turn, which makes it easier to drag them forward, backward and side to side without having to lift a loaded suitcase that is quite heavy.
  • Pocket luggage sets – Most modern suitcases are made of soft fabrics for a lighter design, but others are made of harder plastic. These sets are ideal for keeping clothes from getting wrinkled easily and protecting the breakable items. These systems can be more expensive, but they are heavier as well, and can last easily through years of traveling.
  • Designer luggage sets – These are usually the most expensive of all sets. They are made by a high-end and well-known designer and can present signature fabrics and designs that are associated with their work. These sets are always fashionable and often come with a very large price tag but that is worth paying for that quality.



Considerations to choose the best suitcase suit

Even if you only take a vacation from time to time, a set of luggage is always nice to have to make the packing and transportation of your personal items more convenient. If you have decided that you want to buy one of these systems, you may be tempted to just buy the first one you see alone because it has a nice price or it comes in your favorite color. However, you should consider several factors for each set you consider buying.

The following four characteristics are some of the most popular things that consumers look for when buying a new set of luggage, and you should consider each point before making your final purchase decision.


The price should not be the only thing you consider when making your purchase, but it certainly must be part of the final decision. You want to stay within a budget that is reasonable, but you do not want to overlook other important features or settle on an inferior product based solely on price. Consider other factors, including quality, general reviews, and size before letting price be the determining factor.


The luggage does not necessarily have cheap, so you do not want to settle for a set that is not designed to last through many trips. While daily wear is quite normal, even in the most sophisticated suitcase games, things like broken handles, luggage locks that do not work and wheels that break after a single use can very easily be covered by a warranty. from the manufacturer, that it costs nothing for repairs or replacements that are great.

Number of pieces

The games come with different pieces, from two to five or more. Determine how many pieces best suit your needs. For solo travel, a two-piece game may suffice. However, if you often go on long trips or you are packing for the whole family, a larger system can work better for your family and you.

Fabric / Materials

No matter what the suitcase is made of, you want to make sure it is durable. Look for high-quality polyester or nylon materials, as well as hard plastics and polycarbonates for good luggage and one that you can count on for several years.


Nowadays air travel is no longer very funny, with long security lines and intrusive searches at airports. But at least you can protect all your clothes and other personal items with one of these luggage systems that looks very good.

When traveling, it is important that you have a set of quality luggage to protect and store all your belongings, so that you are never without the things you need most while you are away from home. If you want a great set that features elegant design, quality fabric, four large pieces, and plenty of space available for packaging, the Travel Gear Signature 4-piece Expandable Spinner Luggage Set has everything you’re looking for. With this set, you can pack your bags with style and quality and you can count and use for many years to come.

Best Black Friday Deals 2018

By Anika / 25th November 2017

The origin of Black Friday (and things to buy that you did not imagine)

What began, literally, with chaos, has become one of the most consumed days of the year, Look at the Best Black Friday Deals 2018

Who does not have a couple of things in mind today that they need or want to buy? Who says a pair says six, one or 15. Probably more than one, more than two and more than three have a list almost as long as that of the supermarket of the weekend; there are groups of WhatsApp with shopping center routes in store throughout the weekend and many take the opportunity to stock Christmas gifts. What perhaps those many are not very clear about is what is the name of this day that brings to the street (virtually or physically) millions of buyers around the world, where it comes from, why it was born and since when it is in our lives … Here, a brief history of this Friday millionaire (and some things that you can do and in which you may not have thought).

Have a look at the best Black Friday deals 2018

And it all started … for football

Origin Black Friday

In this case American football and, specifically, the university league of the United States. The teams? The Navy Midshipmen and the Army Black Knights – the naval academy and the military academy. This classic between the North American Armed Forces is played since 1890 and is a symbol (sports, yes) of their rivalry; It also marks the end of the college football season and is also the final of the Commander in Chief Trophy, which is joined by the Air Force, the Air Force Falcons.

Because of geographical balance between the two academies (the military in West Point, New York, and the naval in Annapolis, Maryland), it began to be held in Philadelphia in 1899 and, although the location changes some years, that has since been the city par excellence for the party that, historically, was played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Friday of November. And there, in Philadelphia and during the fifties, the city police coined the term of Black Friday to describe the chaos that gripped the streets of the city.

Amateurs, university students, tourists … They crowded the sidewalks, the shops, the restaurants; the traffic grew; thefts and robberies increased, and the security forces not only could not get through the weekend, they had to double shifts to try to maintain order. By the time the sixties arrived, Black Friday was already a settled term in the city. Restorers and merchants tried to put an end to this negative connotation by pushing another name, Big Friday, but it never came together and, in the 1980s, someone came up with the idea that the issue was not changing the name, but the meaning.

The small shops, those that have always struggled to survive in front of large stores, were the ones who reinvented the concept. Black no longer meant chaos. It became synonymous with bonanza, shopping, leisure, recovery. The stores, which normally ran in the red, went black that day: there were profits.

Welcome, hen of the golden eggs

Origin Black Friday

The chaos of the crowd became a kind of chicken of the golden eggs and it did not take long to forget where that name had come from. The current concept of Black Friday was born from the offers, discounts, and promotions. Since then it has only grown: the stores began to close later and later, the day stopped being one day and the weekend coped, the idea went to other cities in the United States, then to other continents …

Now, almost six decades later, this Friday is celebrated in dozens of countries around the world and grows exponentially every year, especially since the last five, expanding not only the places where it occurs but brands and platforms they join and the time it lasts, reaching up to two weeks in some online stores. He never imagined the Philadelphia police that his chaotic weekend would end up becoming a star weekend for the trade. In Spain, sales are expected to exceed 1,370 million euros this year (9% more than in 2016), and according to a study by Deloitte, 31% of purchases are ahead of November, especially for the campaign Negra, where the Spaniards will spend a third of the budget, which this year amounts to 633 euros per household.

Nor is it likely that early Pennsylvania retailers calculated the scope of their idea. Of the stores in Philadelphia with the most inhabitants in its history, it reached just over two million in the 1950s, to thousands of physical and virtual establishments around the world. Iberia, for example, opens its black days from November 22 to 27 to fly from January 10 to March 21 of next year; Iberdrola, from November 17 to 27, offers a discount of 40% on its intelligent thermostat; and Mercedes offer until November 30 pre-owned vehicles registered this year with special conditions.

They are no longer just small businesses, Black Friday extends to everything, even to what we do not imagine or in what we do not usually repair when we think about going to buy, because who thinks about saving electricity or aims at the list a couple of tickets to Buenos Aires or an SUV? Nobody, until now.

The Best Wireless WiFi Speakers Reviews 2018

By Anika / 23rd November 2017

There was a time when I wanted to listen to music in the comfort of my home, so I needed a whole series of bulky equipment, including dedicated independent speakers, a stereo amplifier, and a CD player or a turntable to provide their melodies. The cables can be a real headache. Not only do they get entangled frequently, but they also limit their ability to place their devices where they should be. Fortunately, the technology has advanced to the point where most electronic devices no longer need cables. One of these electronic devices are the speakers.

Because they are cable-free, WiFi speakers are able to be placed anywhere within their designed WiFi range. While they are in the general vicinity of the device they are synchronizing to, they will provide you with strong, clear and rich audio.

Compare: The 10 Best WiFi Wireless Speakers 2018


Our Critics

Etekcity RoverBeats T3 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Best Cheap Wireless WiFi Speakers 2018

While first-class WiFi speakers can be a bit expensive, there are certainly some high-quality speakers out there at affordable prices. One of them is the Bluetooth speaker Etekcity RoverBeats. With a 33-foot WiFi range, it allows you to get away from your source device without losing a strong signal. Measuring at 2.52 inches x 2.52 inches x 2.64 inches and weighing in only 6 ounces, it is incredibly compact and easy to store. If you are looking for the best WiFi speaker at an affordable price, you should take a look at this one.


  • Ridiculously compact and easy to store
  • WiFi interval above the average of 33 feet


  • Limited play time
  • Its built-in microphone is sub-par

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Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker – Best WiFi Wireless Speakers 2018 For Money

Possibly the best WiFi speaker currently on the market, the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is easily the best WiFi speaker for the money. With an incredible 24-hour operating time, with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in about 2 hours. Offering an incredible 66-foot WiFi range, it can be placed anywhere in your home without the loss of strong signal. If you are looking for an incredible WiFi speaker at a very reasonable price, you should definitely take a look at this.


  • Wide Wi-Fi range of 66 feet
  • As portable as they come
  • Ridiculous 24-hour runtime


  • Some users complain that it is not high enough

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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker – Best WiFi Wireless Speakers 2018 in General

Although there are a lot of WiFi speakers currently on the market, we have decided to go with the Bose SoundLink as the best WiFi speaker in everything. Although it only provides 8 hours of continuous operation time, it provides the best sound quality you will find in a mini speaker . Equipped with voice prompts for remote programming, which allows you to synchronize with devices all the way through the room. Are you looking for the best WiFi speaker on the market? You should take a look at this.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • It has easy-to-use voice prompts
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Limited continuous operating time of 8 hours

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The Best WiFi Wireless Speakers 2018


Better in General
Better For Money
Best Cheap

What is a wireless WiFi speaker?

Wireless speaker systems are a joy explosion bomb. Gone are the days of crawling around your roof threading speaker wires. You no longer have to have DIY experience just to listen to some Metallica in the kitchen. Everything is wireless now, and everything is more beautiful.

WiFi speakers are like any other audio speaker, except they do not need to connect through the cable to the device they are being synchronized to. These speakers come in different shapes and sizes, some are large and powerful, and others are compact and capable of easy storage and transport. In short, these are speakers that have a single connection – a power cord. The connects, and with a little light toy, not only talk to each other, but also with your smartphone. You can play an audio piece throughout the house, or different songs in different places.

While the technology is totally different from the boomboxes of the old wireless speakers, they are now brick-sized devices that provide boombox-like sound. You can hold them in your hand, throw them in a backpack or attach them to the handlebars of your bike. You can even take some wireless speakers with you in the shower, to the beach or on the lake. Not only are these wireless speakers, but many are also designed to handle more of their most elegant melodies.

Because they are wireless, they can be synchronized with any device that has Wi-Fi capabilities, whether this device is a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, a smartphone or a smartphone. another type. A high-quality WiFi speaker provides as much physical freedom as you get from a speaker.

What are the advantages of owning wireless WiFi speakers?

Compared to wired speakers, it is not even close; WiFi speakers are the top speakers. Because they are wireless they have maximum freedom, able to be moved and placed anywhere in the general vicinity of their source device.

In addition, WiFi speakers can be used with a number of different devices at different times with little trouble or hassle. Simply synchronize them with your smartphone, computer or tablet to get instant audio capabilities. It should also be noted that WiFi speakers are much more suitable to be transported from one place to another.

It is now rare to see a speaker the size of an old suitcase, although they are still popular among certain hipster circles. Now, wireless speakers are all about being small, portable and lightweight. Most wireless speakers are no bigger than a brick. Some are even smaller.

The average weight of a wireless speaker is around 0.7 pounds. However, its tiny sizes do not necessarily mean a small sound. For example, the Beats Pill, which is about the size of a roll of toilet paper without paper, reached volumes of 97.7 dB in our tests. To put this in perspective, 97.7 dB is as high as a hand drill and can cause permanent hearing damage if you are exposed to it for long periods. So, while these speakers may be small, they can pack a good punch.

Considerations for choosing the best WiFi wireless speakers

WiFi speakers come in a number of different shapes and sizes, with some of them being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and others are large enough to take up the full capacity of your desk. While the size and shape of the WiFi speakers you choose depend entirely on your wishes and needs, there are other aspects to consider in WiFi speakers that directly affect their overall quality. These include its WiFi signal range, sound quality, portability and other additional features.


When buying WiFi speakers, one of the most important things to consider about them is how far your signal is able to travel. WiFi speakers can vary anywhere from 5 feet to 50 feet and more. Consider exactly what you plan to use the speakers before making a final purchase.

Sound quality

Probably the most important thing to consider in any speaker system is its total sound quality. While everyone has a different preference for their exact sound specifications, there are some sound components that are universally desired by all. These include full and rich basses, towering, but not sharp, and smooth and consistent media.


While you can plan on keeping your speakers in exactly the same place at all times, you might also have a need to move your speakers around frequently. If so, you should make sure that you buy speakers that can be collected, stored and transported with general ease. There are many palm-sized speakers that fit this bill, and also some great ergonomics as well.


Some people want a wireless speaker that can simply move from one room to another without having to plug and unplug, and others are looking for one that can go wherever they go, whether they are hanging out in the pool or camping on the beach. For this last group of people, many wireless speakers are designed to handle almost anything. Some speakers can only handle splashing water or light rain, but others can fall into the mud and wash in the lake, all while playing music as if nothing had happened. These are the wireless speakers you want at a camp or beach day.

Special features

From voice-activated operation prompts to built-in and intuitive music tuners, WiFi speakers have a host of additional features. While none of these features are absolutely necessary, they make using your speakers much easier. If your budget can afford these features, you should certainly take advantage of them.


Look for a compact and easy-to-store speaker that can be transported from one place to another with maximum freedom? A WiFi speaker is just what you are looking for. Not only can you move easily, but it will also allow you to connect to a large number of different devices with the least possible problem.

Compact and powerful devices, such as the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker, provide powerful, balanced and pristine sound from many different devices without the use of annoying cables. Do you want to listen to music with the least possible scandal? Invest in a high-quality WiFi speaker.

The Best Universal Remote Control Reviews 2018

By Anika / 23rd November 2017

In recent years, home entertainment has greatly improved due to technology. These days, many homes not only have a television, but they also have a variety of other electronic devices used for entertainment.  Most people have Blu-ray and DVD players, video game consoles and high-end surround sound and stereo systems found in homes around the world.

While these devices make life more entertaining, using them can be a serious burden. All this mixed with many different remote controls or even lost. A remote control can be a real headache when trying to operate several electronic devices with just one. You do not have to live with the hassle, however. You can easily control everything in your home with a universal tele-control.

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Our Critics

Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control – Best Cheap Universal Remote Control 2018

Simplify your life with this elegant and functional universal remote control. It is loaded with so many features that you will wonder how you have lived without it. The bright color screen helps you to easily navigate through the menus and access your favorite channels.

You will not have to rummage around in the dark when you are watching your favorite movie with retro-illuminated buttons it is easy to find it. You can also easily access all your programmed devices with a single touch using the activity buttons. You also do not have to worry about spending hours trying to program it. You can configure everything online using your computer that easy.


It has an affordable price. Control up to eight different devices. It is compatible with more than 5,000 brands. The color screen gives you access to quick commands and favorites. It is backed by a one year warranty. Programming is easy and can be done from your computer. It has a help button for built-in support. Control the game consoles.


In some units, there is a problem of contact with the battery that may cause the remote control to reset if it is dropped or mishandled. It does not offer as many options as the previous Logitech model.

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Logitech Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote – Best Universal Remote Control 2018 for Money

Eliminate the need to buy batteries for your remote control with this universal rechargeable model that is loaded with tons of features. Simply connect the remote control to a power outlet when the battery screen is low, and it is good to spend another whole week. You never have to buy or change the batteries again.

That’s not all this remote control offers you. It has a live color screen for all your favorites, one-touch buttons, and easy computer settings. If you get stuck, there is an integrated help option that helps you connect up to six of your components. You can feel confident buying this remote control, too, as it is backed by a one year warranty.


It comes with a rechargeable battery that is charged to a power outlet. It offers a color touch screen for easy access to your favorite channels and other information. It is easily configured on your PC or Mac. It is compatible with the most modern home entertainment electronics. The ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The buttons have a solid feel to them and they do not feel cheap.


The plastic body in general of the remote control feels a bit cheap. With each remote control, you need a separate online account: you can not link multiple remote controls to the same account. It only works with six components, while many others at this price handle eight.

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote – Best Universal Remote Control 2018 in General

You will never have to buy another remote control once you have this Logitech model. It has the ability to be programmed to control up to 15 different devices so that’s not just for TVs. You can easily control Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS3, Xbox One, and thousands of other devices, all with just this remote control.

The touchscreen gives this remote control a modern look and makes it easy to use. You can set up to 50 favorite channels that can be easily accessed, perform commands with just a touch and use the remote control with the Harmony application so you can do many things from your smartphone. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a docking station, so you do not have to worry about buying batteries. Best of all, RF technology allows you to control your devices from another room through the closet doors.


It is compatible with almost all devices, including game consoles and streaming devices. RF technology allows you to control devices through walls, cabinets or other obstructions. Control up to 15 devices. The touchscreen is easy to use and is fully customizable. It works with your smartphone to provide even more convenience. It has a rechargeable battery and a charging dock. The size is not too big, so it is comfortable to use.


The repair service is not available after the warranty has expired. The battery can not be replaced, so the whole unit will have to be replaced if the battery is turned off. It is more expensive than other remotes.

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The Best Universal Remote Controls 2018


Better in General
Better For Money
Best Cheap


What is a universal remote control?

A universal remote control is a remote control that is designed to operate more than one electronic device. A universal remote control is programmed for many appliances, including televisions, sound bars, cable boxes and much more. With the push of a button, you can turn the systems off and on, adjust the volume level or change the channels without using many different remote controls.

Most universal remotes share a number of basic design elements:

  • A power button, as well as a switch or a series of buttons to select the device that the remote control is controlling at that moment. A typical selection includes TV, VCR, DVD and CBL / SAT, along with other devices that sometimes include DVRs, audio equipment or home automation devices.
  • Channel and volume selectors up / down (sometimes marked with + and – signs).
  • A numeric keypad to enter channel numbers and some other purposes such as time and date entry.

Some universal remote controls allow the code lists programmed into the remote control to update to support new brands or models of devices that are currently not compatible with the remote control. Some high-level universal remote controls require you to connect to a computer. The connection is usually made through USB from the computer to mini-USB on the remote control or the remote control base station.

What are the advantages of having a universal remote control?

A universal remote control makes the use of your home’s electronics much easier and convenient. You will not have to worry about losing a remote control for a device, and you also do not have to worry about the overcrowding of your coffee table or bedside table with many different remotes. You can easily control any of your home theater components or other electronic devices quickly using only a handheld remote control.

What are the different types of universal remote controls?

If you have ever purchased a universal remote control and have given up on frustration or if you have never purchased one before and are considering trying one, being familiar with the types available in the market will help make it easier to find what you are looking for.

  • Traditional universal remote controls – These remote controls can operate a variety of different devices simply by entering a code. You have to enter a specific code based on the brand and model of your electronic device. Many different devices can be stored in these easy-to-use remote controls.
  • Universal remote controls with touch screen – Instead of having regular buttons like most remote controls, these remote controls use a touchscreen interface to fully control their devices. Not only are they easy to use, they also look more modern.
  • Wi-Fi Universal Remote Controls – These remote controls work like other versions, with only one additional advantage of connecting to your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to see what is playing on the TV on the integrated LCD screen, so you can skip reading your cable or satellite guide.
  • RF Universal Remote – RF or Radio Frequency, the remote uses radio waves to control their devices. This means that you can easily control locked devices in one or another room.



Considerations to choose the best universal remote control 2018

If you have decided that a universal remote control will simplify your life and be ready to make a purchase of such a device, there are some things you should keep in mind. These four things should be taken into account to make sure you get most of the function and value of your new remote control.

Compatibility with components

Before buying a universal remote control, it is important to make sure that it is compatible with its components. There are brand-specific remotes, but you should make sure that you select one that is compatible with your TV. Many people choose to use a remote control that is not linked to a specific electronic brand.

Control of components

Before buying a universal remote control, you need to think about how many components you want to control. Some basic remotes will only control two or three different components, while more advanced models can control eight or more.

Easy to use

A universal remote control is not useful if it is too difficult to operate. Look for remote controls that have an easy-to-use interface, program with just the touch of some buttons, and have convenience features that make your life easier.


The price is always a consideration with any purchase, so look for the remotes within your own personal budget. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, a basic universal remote control that controls many devices at the same time will be your best option. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can get an advanced remote control with a color screen and the ability to control all your electronic devices.


Simplify your life and clear all the old remotes from your coffee or living room table by investing in a high quality universal remote control. You will be surprised at how convenient it is to control multiple devices with just one remote control. If you want the best features packed in an elegant remote control, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote is one you should consider. With its touchscreen design, easy to configure and use interface, compatibility with more than 270,000 devices, and its ability to work with a smartphone makes this the only remote control you need in your home.

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